Bachelor of Design - Fashion Marketing

3 years full-time

A successful brand is not built on fabric alone

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Year 2017 course information
Award granted Bachelor of Design
Location Parramatta campus
Length 3 years full-time or part-time equivalent
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2017: February, April, July, October

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English language proficiency
English proficiency of at least an IETS level 6.0 (or equivalent).
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Level Undergraduate
Alternative entry pathway Certificate IV
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Do large fashion brands excite you and make you want to spend your life savings on their latest handbag? Are you constantly reblogging, tweeting, instagramming the latest fashion trendsetters? This is the power of marketing and we want to help you master it.

Fashion marketing is a rapidly growing sector and Raffles gives you the unique opportunity to study a degree at the intersection of fashion and business.


What you’ll learn in this fashion marketing course

In order to stay ahead of the fast-paced industry of fashion, a marketer needs to be able to incorporate a wide range of practical business and creative skills in fashion – including branding, management, buying, styling and digital marketing.

At Raffles, we will equip you with these skills, so at the end of the course, you’ll be able to bring collections from the designer’s studio, to the wholesale showroom, to retail outlets. You’ll create brand and advertising strategies, and put them in place.

We’ll encourage your creativity. We want you to set the new fashion marketing agenda, and we’ll train you to become the creative leaders of tomorrow’s fashion industry.


Fashion marketing is for you if…

Fashion excites you but the thought of making a garment stops you from pursuing it as a career. You much rather think of how to create an image around that garment and how to sell it.

You want to be the one forecasting what will come and set the creative and strategic direction of the brand instead of designing the collections. And when the products are being created, you are already planning your next move.

You have an eye for style but know that clothing need more than nice detailing to sell. You know how a good story and strong images can change people’s perception of really anything, and you’d like be one of those storytellers.


Why choose a fashion marketing course at Raffles?

As the fashion and retail sectors grow, fashion marketers are in constant demand. Raffles offers the only bachelor degree in fashion marketing in Australia, so you’ll have a competitive edge that your potential fashion house employers dream of.

Your lecturers are all industry professionals, who will guide you through your degree to make sure you’re given the latest market updates and knowledge. You’ll work on professional briefs, often with real clients who understand the industry standards. You’ll work on fashion business and marketing proposals and build a professional portfolio that will give you a serious head start when going for that first job.

In the final stages of your degree you will have mastered your presentation skills to pitch your ideas to both lecturers and industry guests.



You’ll learn and refine skills in this course that you’ll be able to apply to marketing, merchandising, publishing, PR and creative direction. In short, you’ll be the one identifying and creating the demand for products created by fashion designers.

Areas of employment include:

  • Fashion merchandiser
  • Fashion marketer
  • Fashion buyer
  • Stylist
  • Creative Director
  • Fashion journalist
  • Brand manager
  • Public relations manager
  • Retail manager
  • Visual merchandiser
  • Digital Marketer
  • Event Manager


Study options 

The Bachelor of Design majoring in Fashion Marketing is a full-time, 3-year degree available at our Parramatta campus. 

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Course Outline

Semester 1

DN019: Drawing, Design Principles and Colour Theory (6 credit points)
Students will be given an understanding and foundation of basic drawing techniques; design elements and principles; colour mixing and colour theory (both practical and theoretical); composition; and professional mounting and presentation skills.
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FM012: Introduction to Fashion Marketing
The subject provides an understanding of fashion system and how it is applied through the process chain, from concept development and design to production and distribution, to marketing and sales. It introduces the student to fundamental fashion marketing principles taking a strategic approach to creating and managing today’s marketing challenges in the design business. It also offers a broader perspective of the fashion industry to establish the progression of contemporary fashion marketing within its cultural and sociological context.
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AC007: Computing for Design (6 credit points)
The purpose of this module is to introduce students to relevant design industry software. Students will develop functional competence in using this software to prepare, graphics and text, manipulate scanned and downloaded images and present material for publishing.
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CC142: Ideas and Thought (6 credit points)
This subject seeks to introduce students to philosophy, culture and visual art. It discusses the interrelatedness of key philosophical, cultural and artistic ideas and encourages a scholarly way of thinking. Providing an overview of some of the major historical periods, it focuses on an influential thinker of each age.
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Semester 2

DN020: 20th Century Design and Culture (6 credit points)
The purpose of this module is to research, understand and analyse the historical, cultural, social and economic factors that have influenced the development of design in the 20th century.
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FM007: Styling (6 credit points)
The purpose of this subject is to provide the student with the understanding of style in fashion, not only as it is related to the current trends but also the development of fashion styles throughout contemporary history and its relation to culture and subculture. The subject also examines the practical side of styling and its application in the fashion industry.
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FM001: Fashion Communication (6 credit points)
This module examines the processes of public relations as a management function of marketing. Attention is directed to the specific requirements of interacting with a diversity of people. Students work with public opinion, research data on industry-derived projects and cases, plan and write proposals for publicity and public relations programs.
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GD059: Applied Graphics and Imaging (6 credit points)
The aim of this subject is to advance student’s computer graphic competency. Building on skills developed in the subject Computing for Design, Applied graphics and Imaging will allow students to advance their skills in computer image making and graphic design solutions.
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Semester 3

Students will select an elective
DN022: Sustainable Design (6 credit points)
The main aim of this course is to explore how design both reflects and constructs the world about us. In order to understand this relationship - and to be a socially conscious participant - the course also aims to develop students' skills of analysis, interpretation and explanation of design as a social phenomenon with a global impact.
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DN023: Design and Subculture (6 credit points)
The purpose of this module is to explore a range of subcultures and their historical transition into mainstream culture through design and design “style”.
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FM011: Fashion Journalism
Fashion Journalism provides the foundations for students to understand how fashion journalism operates and how to report effectively on fashion. The course covers research, writing and layout (content and context). It includes the basics of writing (long-form and short-copy) and the application of these skills to various areas of the fashion/media industry, news publications, magazines, broadcasting and websites, as well as with PR, stylists and photographers.
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Semester 4

Students will select an elective
FM003: E-Fashion (6 credit point)
The aim of this subject is to solicit and analyse Internet marketing data. The subject will investigate and interpret computer networks and other telecommunications technologies which link employees, suppliers, and customers in different locations through the public Internet and intranets. The theory will investigate the technological advances, pitfalls and development in the fashion marketing industry and assess potential new e-fashion markets. The subject will incorporate marketing techniques, design concepts and branding to promote products on the Internet.
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Students will select an elective
FM013: Digital Strategies for Fashion Marketing (6 credit points)
This subject introduces the students to the phenomena that is social media marketing. It examines the various digital platforms and the new arising marketing opportunities and challenges. It also examines the interactive nature of social media marketing, in its ability to create a connection between fashion brand and customer and enhance brand value. Fashion brands with strong social networking strategies often have stronger customer loyalty and trust, which in contemporary digital marketing often been missing factors. These opportunities have introduced a range of new skills needed by today’s marketers, this subject’s objective is to examine and explore those skills.
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Semester 5

DN035: Self Promotion (3 credit points)
The aim of this subject to prepare portfolio and self-promotion material relevant to the student’s profession. Material may include building an online presence, creating appropriate portfolio’s for interviews, business cards, demonstration or show reels. Students are encouraged to be innovative and creative when preparing their material.
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FM005: Brand Management (6 credit points)
This subject examines the importance of developing strategies focused on brand management. The module will present branding strategy options, and outlines how a poorly planned branding strategy can confuse customers and devalue a company’s competitive strength. The subject articulates brand designing and building, the challenges in branding development, and developing branding strategies to form competitive barriers and work towards establishing and sustaining a competitive market position.
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DN034: Internship Preparation (3 credit points)
This Industry Preparation will guide students through the process of taking the necessary steps in obtaining a position in an approved company. It will assist students to undertake appropriate research to investigate and familiarise themselves with the Industry and the nature of employment opportunities available in their Professional field. The students will acquire practical insights of what is required in preparing a Professional Job application, attending interviews and undertake formal negotiations with prospective Employers.
DM001: Design, Business and Law (6 credit points)
The aim of this subject is to examine the legal, business and ethical environment in which local and international contemporary design oriented businesses operate. It is designed to equip students with knowledge of the basic business and legal principles pertinent to both international business and to the country in which they are studying. The subject focuses on ethical principles that require an examination of the human consequences to corporate decision-making, and on the increasing importance of social corporate responsibility for today’s design business.
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FM004: Social Psychology of Fashion (6 credit points)
The aim of this subject is to help students evaluate theories of social psychology and understand the forces that drive trends in the fashion marketplace. This subject surveys what psychology and sociology are as applicable to fashion and focuses on the meaning of fashion to the individual in the context of culture and societies. Social symbolisms communicated through fashion are identified and explored in a fashion forecasting context.
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CC141: Internship (6 credit points)
This subject will prepare students to enter into full-time employment in their area of specialization upon graduation. It will provide students with the opportunity to test their career aptitude and aid them adjusting from college to full-time employment. It will present students with the opportunity to develop attitudes conducive to effective interpersonal relationships, increase their sense of responsibility, and help them acquire good work habits. It will offer the opportunity for students to understand informal organizational interrelationships and provide in-depth knowledge of the formal functional activities of a participating organization.
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DN027: Major Project (12 credit points)
Major project provides students with the opportunity to research, design and develop a series or body of work for presentation. This sustained development of work allows students to give a strong conceptual basis to the work and to fully test and experiment with design and marketing problems. It is expected that a high degree of finish will be obtained through the construction of these works alongside a professional final presentation. Students will work independently with regular access to the studio and project supervisor for consultations.
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FM010: Styling II (6 credit points)
The aim of this subject is to extend the practical applications learned in Styling in a more conceptual environment. It examines the relations between style, design and art in order to expand the perspectives for concept development and creative direction. This subject allows students to partner with peers from other disciplines on collaborative projects.
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FM006: Fashion Merchandising (6 credit points)
The aim of this subject is to provide the student an understanding of visual merchandising strategies as a marketing tool and a visual extension of a brand. It also provides the student knowledge in visual merchandising principles and elements in order to create and manage visual merchandising concepts as part of a professional brief.
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PH049: Photography for Designers (6 credit points)
This subject introduces students to the creative potential of photography in visual communication and design. Students will also learn how they can successfully collaborate with professional photographers, as well as producing their own high quality images tailored to their own industry. Students will gain an insight in regards to the physical limitations of lighting and optics, thus giving them a greater understanding of how photographers work around this to best meet the requirements and requests of their clients.
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DN033: Drawing (6 credit points)
In this subject students further quality experience and understanding in freehand drawing as a fundamental tool for communication across all major areas of study.
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FM009: Fashion Buying (6 credit points)
This subject will provide the learner with knowledge and skills required to undertake a management role in fashion buying. The subject field will cover steps in the buying process, including: Understanding and identifying the nature of the business, market research and product selection, merchandising theory, pricing policy, sales forecasting, planning/strategy and inventory logistics.
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