Bachelor of Design - Graphic Design

3 years full-time

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Year 2017 course information
Award granted Bachelor of Design 
Location Parramatta campus
Length 3 years full-time or part-time equivalent
Next available intake

2017: February, April, July, October

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English language proficiency
English proficiency of at least an IETS level 6.0 (or equivalent).
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Study mode On-Campus day
Level Undergraduate
Alternative entry pathway Certificate IV
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T: +61 2 9633 3800
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Our Graphic Design course is tailored to tap into your creative potential and develop your conceptual skills. We offer a practice-based approach that is driven by critical exploration of methods, materials and technology.

Graphic Design is more than just computers and pretty pictures.

What you’ll learn in this graphic design course

At Raffles College, we educate our students to become strategically-driven thinkers and guide them through the multilayered creative process. You will gather extensive conceptual and technical skills in a diverse range of graphic design disciplines.

You will start off learning practical skills and cover theoretical ground that’ll give you a solid foundation for exploring different areas of graphic design – corporate identity, advertising, editorial design, package and interface design.

We are in touch with industry leaders and organisations to ensure that our graduates are equipped with the right skills putting you in good stead for a bright and successful career.


Graphic design is for you if…

You’re a visual person with an inquisitive mind. We encourage you to develop your own individual creative personality with practical skills that are real world applicable. Studying Graphic Design at Raffles College requires creative talent, but more importantly curiosity, passion, diligence and stamina.


Why choose a Raffles graphic design course?

When you enrol in a Raffles’ Graphic Design course you will be taught by industry based lecturers who empower you with the right skills to reach your individual goals. Our students get to learn what really matters in the industry today.  

The classes are small and we pride ourselves on face-to-face learning, therefore you’ll receive individual guidance.

Studying at Raffles will teach you critical skills beyond design expertise, such as presentation techniques, selling ideas and defending your creations.



In today’s economy, where the marketplace increasingly rewards creativity more than knowledge alone, graphic designers are in high demand. Their career can take many different pathways. Some graphic designers specialise in a particular skill, such as typography or editorial design, others may pursue careers as creative director or strategic planners. Career options include: 

  • Graphic Designer
  • Art Director
  • Editorial Designer
  • Illustrator
  • Typographer
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Brand and Packaging Designer
  • Creative Director


Study options 

The Bachelor of Design in Graphic Design is a full-time, 3-year degree available at our Parramatta campus. 

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Course Outline

Semester 1

GD060: Graphic Design and Typography (6 credit points)
This subject introduces students to the fundamental principles of typography. Through a series of assessment tasks and exercises, students will learn basic typographic and graphic design. Within this subject students will develop an understanding of visual language and conceptual problem solving.
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AC007: Computing for Design (6 credit points)
The purpose of this module is to introduce students to relevant design industry software. Students will develop functional competence in using this software to prepare, graphics and text, manipulate scanned and downloaded images and present material for publishing.
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DN019: Drawing, Design Principles and Colour Theory (6 credit points)
Students will be given an understanding and foundation in: basic drawing techniques; design elements and principles; colour mixing and colour theory (both practical and theoretical); composition; and professional mounting and presentation skills.
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CC142: Ideas and Thought (6 credit points)
This subject seeks to introduce students to philosophy, culture and visual art. It discusses the interrelatedness of key philosophical, cultural and artistic ideas and encourages a scholarly way of thinking. Providing an overview of some of the major historical periods it focuses on an influential thinker of each age.
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Semester 2

GD062: Visual Language Past and Present (6 credit points)
To understand the value and application of the many forms and codes of visual communication in contemporary society through the study of its origins and development in context of social, cultural and technological change.
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GD059: Applied Graphics and Imaging (6 credit points)
The aim of this subject is to advance student’s computer graphic competency. Building on skills developed in the subject Computing for Design, Applied graphics and Imaging will allow students to advance their skills in computer image making and graphic design solutions.
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GD061: Graphic Design and Multimedia (6 credit points)
The aim of this subject is to allow students to connect design history, theory and research methods with the practice and processes of graphic design and multimedia. Students will establish the differences between the two strands of visual communication – graphic design and multimedia.
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DN020: 20th Century Design and Culture (6 credit points)
The purpose of this module is to research, understand and analyse the historical, cultural, social and economic factors that have influenced the development of design in the 20th century.
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Semester 3

DN022: Sustainable Design (6 credit points)
The main aim of this course is to explore how design both reflects and constructs the world about us. In order to understand this relationship - and to be a socially conscious participant - the course also aims to develop students' skills of analysis, interpretation and explanation of design as a social phenomenon with a global impact.
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GD064: Visual Communication and Imaging (6 credit points)
The aim of this subject is to introduce students to key approaches in designing and creating visual identities. In this subject students will use illustration and typography skills to create logos, pictograms, icons, symbols and logotypes. By developing visual identities that accurately convey and shape a companies image, services and ideals, students will gain a deeper understanding and greater control of visual communication systems and techniques.
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GD063: Print Media and Graphic Design (6 credit points)
In this subject students will apply elements and principles of design and further develop composition and layout skills appropriate for a range of print media formats. Projects will require students to expand their problem solving, conceptual development and visual communication skills to resolve 2D graphic designs as well as enhancing their skills in regards to research methods and research analysis.
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Students will select an elective

Semester 4

GD066: Intergrated Visual Systems (6 credit points)
This subject will require students to take a systems based approach to the interpretation and representation of information and data. Working across a range of media including print (eg: posters, signage, advertising and publications) and digital media (eg: websites, mobile apps, interactive touch screens and video/screen displays and projections).
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Students will select an elective
DN023: Design and Subculture (6 credit points)
The purpose of this module is to explore a range of subcultures and their historical transition into mainstream culture through design and design “style”.
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GD068: Design and Print Mangement (6 credit points)
In this subject students will gain a comprehensive working knowledge of the technical requirements of the print industry utilising the software programs such as Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. Students will oversee the production of their own designs, from brief generation through to final print-ready artwork. Students will also be required to conduct detailed research into the print industry and its vital role within graphic design.
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Semester 5

GD065: Graphic Design for Branding and Packaging (6 credit points)
This subject requires students to translate their current 2D graphic design knowledge and practice to 3D objects and spaces e.g. packaging and point of sale collateral. Students will be required to expand their design thinking and skills in order to approach 3D graphic design briefs.
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DM001: Design, Business and Law (6 credit points)
The aim of this subject is to examine the legal, business and ethical environment in which local and international contemporary design oriented businesses operate. It is designed to equip students with knowledge of the basic business and legal principles pertinent to both international business and to the country in which they are studying. The subject focuses on ethical principles that require an examination of the human consequences to corporate decision-making, and on the increasing importance of social corporate responsibility for today’s design business.
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GD067: Graphic Design and Social Awareness (6 credit points)
The aim of Graphic Design and Society is to involve students in examining the history of graphic design posters/ propaganda and the current role of graphic design in society whilst exploring the potential of using visual communication skills to make a positive and relevant contribution to our day-to-day lives.
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DN034: Internship Preparation (3 credit points)
Internship preparation requires each student to use and develop research methods to indentify suitable design studios for future employment. The student will be required to formulate a mission statement, resume, business card and cover letter that will strengthen the creative direction of their portfolio.
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DN035: Self Promotion (3 credit points)
The aim of this subject to prepare portfolio and self-promotion material relevant to the student’s profession. Material may include building an online presence, creating appropriate portfolio’s for interviews, business cards, demonstration or show reels. Students are encouraged to be innovative and creative when preparing their material.
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Semester 6

CC141: Internship (6 credit points)
This subject will prepare students to enter into full-time employment in their area of specialization upon graduation. It will provide students with the opportunity to test their career aptitude and aid them adjusting from college to full-time employment. It will present students with the opportunity to develop attitudes conducive to effective interpersonal relationships, increase their sense of responsibility, and help them acquire good work habits. It will offer the opportunity for students to understand informal organizational interrelationships and provide in-depth knowledge of the formal functional activities of a participating organization.
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DN027: Major Project (12 credit points)
Studio project provides students with the opportunity to research design and develop a series or body of work for presentation in relation to a specific design brief. This sustained development of work allows students to develop a strong conceptual basis to the work and to fully test and experiment with design. It is expected that a high degree of professional finish will be obtained though the construction of their body of work along side a professional final presentation. Students will work independently with regular access to the studio and project supervisor for consultations.
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DN033: Drawing (6 credit points)
In this subject students further quality experience and understanding in freehand drawing as a fundamental tool for communication across all major areas of study. Communicating ideas through drawing is an integral part of the creative (and related) industries and in particular, a fundamental part of a designer's job. Classes will focus on the differences and variety of the objective and subjective experiences of drawing.
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PH049: Photography for Designers (6 credit points)
This subject introduces students to the creative potential of photography in visual communication and design. Students will also learn how they can successfully collaborate with professional photographers, as well as producing their own high quality images tailored to their own industry. Students will gain an insight in regards to the physical limitations of lighting and optics, thus giving them a greater understanding of how photographers work around this to best meet the requirements and requests of their clients.
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GD069: Graphic Construction (6 credit points)
The aim of this subject is to encourage students to utilise graphic making alternatives to digital and computer based image making. Students often rely on the computer to realise graphic ideas, especially in graphic and multimedia design, Graphic Construction provides students with a range of image making alternatives to digital graphic making.
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GD107: Drawing for Communication (6 credit points)
In this subject students will be required to apply a wide range of drawing techniques relevant to industry, this will also require students to investigate the various mediums and drawing applications contusive to communication and drawing whilst demonstrating creative and engaging concepts.
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GD071: Advanced Editorial Design (6 credit points)
The aim of this subject is to further develop and enhance students’ layout and design skills with a specific focus on professionally executed large multi-page documents.
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GD070: Concept Development for Graphic Designers (6 credit points)
The aim of this subject is to encourage students to explore and enrich the creative process further in the form of viable ideas that are both conceptual and beneficial in their final outcomes.
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