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Major Projects 2014


Project Details

Degree: Bachelor of Design majoring in Graphic Design 


Student work by: Alina Godde, Aliyah Amani Akbar, Cameron Attard, Chi Sum Chenung, Chu Hu, Courtney Chapman, Danny Truong, Feliks Tanzil, Frencesco Bianchi, Hsiang-An Sinh, Ilya Marchenko, Inteus Burton, Janet Huang, Jimmy Wijaya, Ka Ho Asam Le, Kristen Kaye Castillo, Lilly Ferres, Maria Debby, Maria Natasha, Milica Koncar, Niveditha Shankar, Riyan Limindra, Sean Budhiwianto, Stanley Jonathan Suwantika, Varissarija KusakulVinchi Yohanna, Warinporn Bussayajirapong and Yingming Feng.

About Project

The graphic design major project provides students with the opportunity to research design and develop a series or body of work for presentation in relation to a specific design brief. This sustained development of work allows students to develop a strong conceptual basis to the work and to fully test and experiment with design. It is expected that a high degree of professional finish will be obtained through the construction of their body of work alongside a final professional presentation. Students will work independently with regular access to the studio and project supervisor for consultations.