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Fashion Design Graduate Projects

  • Jennyfer Alonzo
  • Joelyn Edenton
  • Gemma Saccasan
  • Daniela Da Rui
  • Ashleigh Kwong
  • Leah Williams
  • Queency Yustiawan
  • Amelia Sindartha
  • Thi Hoang
  • Lisha Kiang
  • Lily Purkiss
  • Maria Izvestkina
  • Senquan Xtra Ruan
  • Talia Shepherd
  • Thi Le
  • Katrina Yan
  • Bonnie Tipper
  • Brianna Sandles
  • Elisa Borboni
  • Tiana Van


Project Details

Degree: Bachelor of Design majoring in Fashion Design 



About Project

Fashion Design Major Project Concept

This year Raffles College design students have re-acquainted with the modernist revolution of the early 20th century. Modernism revolted against Western aesthetic traditions, especially the convention of Renaissance perspective that authoritatively described and insisted a one world view. Via cubism, political revolutions, scientific advances, and new theories of perception, the modernist introduced multiple perspectives into their creative practice and shifted the traditional western-centric paradigm of art and design towards a radically new universal vision. Through a re-immersion into this period of experimental creativity, our students had re-conceptualised modernism and refreshed their awareness of contemporary design perspective and practice.