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Our courses are much more than just curriculum, they're also about people. If you're looking for a place we're you'll be challenged, inspired and driven to do better than you thought possible, then you've found it.

Our lecturers are made up of professional practitioners in their respective fields and education professionals with an industry background who all bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience. Our learning environment benefits from their commitment to quality and creativity and their focus in helping students become accomplished professionals.



Our Senior Academic Staff

Professor Bob Chung
Program Director Interior Design

Bob has been lecturing at Raffles College since 2000. He has studied in various universities around the world: Africa, parts of Europe and Australia and in different fields of studies: science, architecture, computing and education. He was the recipient of American International Development Scholarship to study at the University of London and the U.N.E.S.C.O. Scholarship to study at the University of Rome, La Sapienza.

He has a wide range of experience in many aspects of architectural design and interior design in many parts of the world. Some of the design has received awards in design excellence. He has considerable knowledge and experience in the field of Computer Architectural Design (CAD) and application of computer technology in the building industry.

He has both set up various types of CAD systems and formed CAD users in their operation and was among the first to apply CAD in the design and construction of a project (Hunter Hospital in Newcastle) in Australia. He has tutored in Design, Construction and Graphic Communication at the University of Rome, La Sapienza and UNSW.

Bob is fluent in six languages (English, French, Italian, Spanish, Creole, Mandarin) and so is the envy of most of us...

Sarah Abad
Program Director Photography

Sarah has always had a keen interest in different cultures and traditions. This interest combined with her training and passion for photography has motivated her to travel and photograph throughout numerous countries in Europe, Asia and South America. She is particularly passionate about documenting people in their natural environment. From candid street photography, to informal portraiture, Sarah loves including a human element in her images.

Sarah runs her own professional photography business and is also involved in commercial, wedding and heritage photography. Interestingly, Sarah began her photography studies here at Raffles College.

Over the past years, Sarah has had extensive experience managing the studio complex and maintaining our high- end photography equipment, as well as teaching many facets of photography from darkroom and professional printing to digital photography, camera technology and the history of photography.

She aims to provide a balance in training between technical excellence and creativity and has high expectations in regards to the standard of work that will be achieved by our photography students.

When she's not here, you can find Sarah snowboarding, riding motorbikes or just travelling the globe...

Edward Coffey
Program Director Graphic Design

A seasoned professional, Edward has spent 15 years working in leading design studios in NZ and Australia. In his diverse career as an award-winning graphic designer and art director, photographic designer, lecturer and mentor, he has explored many dimensions of design. His in-depth experience in the creative industry and relentless passion for design provide a strong foundation for a productive and creative environment. 

He has the drive and edge to push students creatively. In strong partnership with academic staff Edward ensures students are gaining all relevant skills they need to be industry-ready graduates. 

Nicholas Comino
Program Director Fashion Design & Fashion Marketing

Nicholas Comino MFA is a practising visual artist and designer with over twenty years of lecturing experience both in Australia and abroad. His professional design and teaching knowledge extends over a diverse field of artistic and design practices, and his personal projects are represented in both national and international collections. 

His extensive educational background includes Architecture and Industrial Design (Queensland University of Technology), Fine Arts, Fine-Arts History, Classical Studies (Reading University UK). And Masters of Fine Arts (QUT).

His appointment in 2012 as Program Director of Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing at Raffles College of Design and Commerce, Sydney, marks an innovative approach towards traditional systems of Fashion Design education, and reflects contemporary fashion trends towards interdisciplinary design awareness and skills.  His commitment as the Program Director is for the development of the Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing degree courses to reflect further the connections between Design, Fashion, and Visual Communication. 

Alan Chen
Head of Department - Digital Media & Visual Arts

Alan Chen is a filmmaker, designer and storyteller with a unique skill set. Starting his career as an illustrator, Alan has gone on to become a graphic designer, art director production designer, writer, director and producer in numerous films, commercials, animations, comics, exhibitions and transmedia projects. Alan has over 8 years of teaching experience, and graduated from the renowned Australian Film Television Radio School with an MA in Production Design as well as an Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design from the Design Centre Enmore.

With extensive experience as a storyboard artist, and concept artist working on Hollywood features such as The Wolverine and Unbroken, Alan has the ability to vividly articulate his ideas with images. He approaches films like paintings, treating scenes like 3D canvases. His deep love of storytelling coupled with his incredible eye for detail gives him a unique artistic flair. In 2012, Alan’s film “La Naissance” was received with world-wide acclaim. Officially selected for numerous film festivals it went on to receive several awards both within Australia and abroad.

Digital Media is deeply ingrained in Alan’s life and his work. His vision for this exciting department within Raffles is to bring industry relevant practices to the classrooms, and prepare students for a future where all the digital media come together. 

Trent Pohlmann
Acting Principal/ Director, Transnational Education
Soheil Ashrafi
Chair of Research & Scholarship Committee / Lecturer - Design, Digital Media & Visual Arts

In my broad cultural and academic experience I am afforded, in my design and art views, a rounded spectrum of practical and intellectual knowledge. I am engaged in the exploration of new research territories at the intersection of visual communication design, humanities and science. My contributions to visual communication design are primarily encapsulated in the critique and design of monolingual and bilingual typographic systems by giving special consideration to theory of cross-cultural dialogue, social justice as well as mathematical disciplines such as topology and geometry. 

My PhD thesis was nominated by the Higher Degree Committee for the Dean’s Award for Research Excellence at UNSW Art & Design in 2015. As a researcher, I have been invited to various national and international conferences including the 6th Global Conference of Visual Literecies at the University of Oxford, and have published with prestigious journals. Being an active member of International Society of Typographic Designers (ISTD), based in London, I have also exhibited my experimental design practices within Australia and internationally. 


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