Dion Lee & Amelia Fincher Q&A

21 October 2015

On Wednesday morning, Dion Lee and his general manager Amelia Fincher attended Raffles for a Q&A style session with our fashion design and fashion marketing students. Approximately 60 students from both fashion departments gathered for the one-hour event that covered everything from inspiration, the creative process, sustainability, the future of the fashion industry to how to manage a fashion business, the importance of budgets and forming the right team for business growth. 

The most useful advice from Dion: find your own unique voice and style as a designer. Don't seek inspiration from other designers because they already exist and will resonate in your subconscious. Find inspiration in museums, books, travel - not fashion. 

The most useful advice from Amelia: be careful where you spend your money. Don't focus on the wants but focus on the needs of the business. It is easy to get ahead of yourself and spend money on party's and elaborate events, but is that what is going to help grow your business?

For more images from the Q&A click here.

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