Fashion Design Bridges Cultural Gap

In 2016, Raffles College of Design and Commerce showcased 11 designers at the China Graduate Fashion Week (CGFW). The project was instigated in 2014, which found Crystal Tsoi, Program Assistant to Fashion Design and Marketing Department at RCDC, liaising with experts in both Sydney and Beijing in a partnership between the organising Committee of China Graduate Fashion Week and the Raffles College of Design Commerce. It commenced with a basic concept of showcasing Australian up-and-coming fashion talent, introducing them to the Chinese market through a cultural exchange program, fashion show and media event organised in conjunction with the China Fashion Association. Crystal explains

"the long term goal of this project is to increase Australia's fashion exports to China, through working with young Australian talent on this platform, assisting them in understanding both the intricacies of Chinese culture and the market to build a sustainable and viable business environment for young fashion designers"

The China Fashion Association and 751 Dpark have supported and facilitated this initiative since 2013. The recent appointment as Ambassador is recognition for Crystal's contribution in bridging Australia-China engagement in art, design and culture, and it's great to have official recognition of this.

Crystal's plan for 2017 onwards is to "develop a cohesive program for Australian emerging designers to explore the China Possibilities utilising the China Fashion Association as a platform for this, and expose branding marketing possibilities in Australia for young emerging Chinese designers".

Crystal believes "fashion is not just a consumer good, it is also a cultural product", and it's this mantra that has powered her success in this field.

Congratulations to Crystal Tsoi on her recent appointment by the China Fashion Association.


Raffles College at 2015 China Graduate Fashion Week


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