Posters For Tomorrow

Poster for Tomorrow is an international poster design competition held annually by 4tomorrow, an independent, non-profit organisation based in Paris. Their purpose is to raise awareness and stimulate debate on social issues through the medium of graphic design. Every year a different topic is chosen and designers from all over the world are invited to submit their ideas. 


The 2016 competition with the title “Make Extremism History” asked designers to come up with engaging poster designs addressing the ongoing issue of flourishing extremism in it’s many forms. While posters can’t offer solutions to the issue, they have the power to challenge opinions and provoke thought.


More than 5300 posters from countries around the world were submitted, from which an international jury panel and 8 jurors selected 100 winning posters. Part of the jury were the internationally renowned designers Noma Bar (Israel), Ruedi Baur and Niklaus Troller (Switzerland).


Five Raffles Graphic Design students entered the competition as part of an assessment. Mirjana Solomon’s poster design was selected to appear in the Top 100. Mirjana’s impactful design suggests that education can prevent extremism. Her work is part of the Poster for Tomorrow exhibition currently taking place at the Halle Pajol in Paris as well as several cities around the world. The opening date falls onto December 8, the World Day for Human Rights. In the coming months, the showcase will be held at 35 different cities around the world, amongst them USA, Canada, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Pakistan, India and Russia. Mirjana’s work will also be featured in the exhibition catalogue.


Madeline Thorne’s and Rhy’s Wilson’s posters were shortlisted and made it into the Top 400. Madeline’s illustration uses the metaphor of building bridges to mend religious disparity. The use of a black and white colour-way is a reference to black and white thinking,an issue inherent to any form of extremism. Rhy’s poster design depicts the evolution of a fighter plane into a dove, a universal symbol of peace. 


Student's work (left to right): Mirjana Solomon, Madeline Thorne, Rhy Wilson, Moriah Mcllwraith, Bianca Jarvis


Edward Coffey, Raffles Graphic Design Program Director, also participated in the competition. Four of his poster designs were selected into the Top 100 winning entries.


We congratulate our students and Edward to their success.


Designs by: Edward Coffey (Graphic Design Program Director)



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